Exotic Encyclopedia Britannica, chap. 5/16 of [1] The Exotic, chap. 3/19 [2] The Other

The sense of incompleteness and imperfection of life causes an emotional state, that has no word in the English language. [1] Portuguese, Galician and German are home to a term that expresses this feeling to the point. Saudade* in Portuguese as well as Galician, or Sehnsucht* in German. The term describes an intense emotional state of profound melancholic longing for an absent ‘something’.The lack of this ‘something’ in ones life manifests as the sensation of separateness, opposed to togetherness. [2] One entity experiences itself as apart from another entity. Whereas the entity longing for the other, constitutes ‘the familiar’, the object being longed for is generally represented by the term ‘Exotic'(greek: εξωτικός exōtikós “non-local”, “outlandish”, “particularly foreign”. […]

* “longing”, “yearning”, “craving” or “intensely missing” are paraphrases for the term Saudade and Sehnsucht but a direct english translation does not exist.

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